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Saskatchewan Home Based Educators Inc. (SHBE) exists to serve home-based educators in the province of Saskatchewan as the official voice of homeschool families in Saskatchewan. Supporting all families who choose home-based education, we assist in creating a positive social network and a positive political environment. SHBE advocates for home-education with the provincial government, school districts, post-secondary institutions, and works closely with the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). We also provide supportive, social FamilyPicnicand instructional resources for our members.

Browse our site to find a variety of helps. The How Do I Start page will get you started on the right track. The FAQ page will answer the most common questions asked by new home educators. Peruse the Links page for many local, national and international sites that would be of help. It includes links to local support groups where you could meet other home educators in your local area. We also support you through our emaill Help Desk if our other resources on our site do not answer your questions. Our SHBE board also stands by to help you, please contact them if needed, especially with issues regarding your local school board. You will not want to miss our yearly Convention which will encourage you as well as provide access to curriculum vendors.




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